Los Angeles Clippers: Exposed And In Trouble Already?

The Los Angeles Clippers not only fell to the Golden State Warriors Thursday night, they got exposed. As the Clippers allowed the reigning champions to storm back from a 23 point deficit to close the game on a 22-5 run, it wasn’t just that they let that happen, it was how they let it happen. Poor coaching strategy, terrible offensive and defensive execution and communication, a complete dearth of ball movement in the fourth quarter, lack of ability to hone their focus when things started to fall apart, an obvious broken team spirit and a lack of leadership were on full display in the fourth quarter as things began to unravel. Blake Involved In Poor Communication Again. https://t.co/g00X8sSce6 — BBALLBREAKDOWN (@bballbreakdown) November 20, 2015 The craziest part about the collapse was just how soundly the Clippers were beating the Warriors for most of the game. Blake Griffin was putting his new repertoire of post moves on display and even hit his first three pointer of the year. Chris Paul easily played his best game of the young season draining fall away jumpers, crossing the MVP Stephen Curry over more than once and scoring seemingly at will. CHRIS PAUL COOKIN’ (via @WillReeveJr): https://t.co/ZGUh0LkWuu https://t.co/HbL6AOUXdq — SB Nation (@SBNation) November 20, 2015 Indeed, things appeared to be clicking on all cylinders — but just like a heavy meal on a sick stomach, you can’t hold these Warriors down. The reigning champions never looked shaken, distraught, timid or downtrodden (are you listening Clippers and Houston Rockets?). Instead of packing it in, they fought that much harder and made the Clippers feel them by... read more

Triple Double Tuesday – Weekly Column 11.24.15

It’s almost that time for teams to hit the panic button. The Rockets did it last week by relieving Kevin McHale of his coaching duties after a dismal 4-7 start of the season. What’s the old phrase? “You can’t fire a whole team so you fire the coach.” The Rockets weren’t playing for him anymore, the move had to be done. Now it will be up to the front office to see if they can find someone to motivate this current group because they are getting beat by effort most nights. And with that, let’s jump the weekly column. Three Positive Plays Steph Curry and the Warriors Talk about a tale of two cities. One on hand we have the runner up MVP in James Harden having an awful year so far and the other we have the best and most exciting player in the league currently, reigning MVP, Steph Curry. But don’t take my word; here are some of the many articles being written about basketball’s lord and savior: Eye on Basketball – Veterans Have Never Seen Anything Like This GQ Steph’s Ball Handling Secrets Business Insider – Steph Curry Is Only Going To Get Better SB Nation – Steph Curry Shoot Better Than Everyone Did I mention they have won 15 in a row to start the season? Did I even need to inform you about that? Carmelo Anthony I have always been hyper critical of Carmelo Anthony, gone as far as calling him a loser. To be honest, it has more to do with my expectations of him compared to what he’s been able to accomplish.... read more

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