The Best Team on Paper: Part 1 West

The Best Team on Paper: Part 1 West:   Who has the best team on paper? Who has the deepest team? Both questions are rather subjective. As talent is impressionable and not fixed, we never truly know who has the most talent on their roster. In a perfect world the... read more

Q&A Of The Day: Piston Powered’s Dan Feldman

With the Detroit Pistons set to square off with the Pelicans tonight, what better time to drop another installment of “Q & A Of The Day”, aka “Bloggers Blogging Bloggers”. Today (and by today, I mean I chatted with him last... read more

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Brian Geltzeiler’s true passion is the NBA. He grew up in a basketball family. His father, Burt was an elite college basketball player for Newark-Rutgers University in the late 1940’s and was drafted by the Tri-City Hawks (now Atlanta Hawks) in 1950 by their then GM, Red Auerbach.

Brian is a regular host on SiriusXM’s NBA Radio and gets his money’s worth from his NBA League Pass. He lives in Livingston, NJ with his wife and four children.