Hoopscritic’s Mock Draft 2016

What do we need after a history making NBA Finals? The NBA Draft 4 days later of course. Lets do a mock draft and mock the draft at the same time. 1) Philadelphia 76ers- Ben Simmons (F) LSU. “The Process” yielded a number one overall pick one year late for the Sixers. Simmons is a very good prospect with a well rounded game who has just enough warts to scare the daylights out of NBA GMs. The potential for greatness is there but so is the potential for a flame out because of lingering attitude and work ethic concerns. If you’re Philly GM Bryan Colangelo, you swallow hard and draft this kid because he possesses number one overall talent. And then you pray. 2) Los Angeles Lakers- Brandon Ingram (F) Duke. Ingram is long and lean with a Kevin Durant type of body and can flat out score. Those thinking they’re a Durant facsimile will be severely disappointed but Ingram can play. Defense will be a work in progress but he’s very young and will work hard. The physicality of the NBA is a concern because of his slight frame, but it’s a no brainer pick for LA. 3) Boston Celtics- Dragan Bender (F) Maccabi Tel Aviv. Bender is a little bit of a project but he delivers that shooting/size combination that Kristaps Porzingis gives the Knicks. He’ll never be a physical player but he has a chance to be a dynamic scorer and has enough lateral quickness to be adequate as a perimeter defender even though he’s not going to be a dominant shot blocker. Boston needs some... read more

Hoopscritic Free Agency Round table

  Where will Kevin Durant take his talents this offseason? Where should Kevin Durant take his talents this offseason? Brian Geltzeiler Durant will stay right where he is in OKC.  The financial benefits are too great and OKC represents his best chance to win a title next season.  He’ll sign a 2 year deal with a one year opt out so he can be a free agent with 10 years of service time and get a max contract in the summer of 17 at 35% of a much higher cap…. Oliver Maroney I think he just wants to go through the process. Players like to be wanted and I don’t think Durant is much different from other players in that regard. I think he knows where he wants to be, but wants to be “sure” of it. Similar to car shopping, you go in knowing what you’d like but want to test drive the options, just to know that you’re not “‘missing out”. 1B. I think it would be wise of Durant to stay for a one year deal, with another year as a player option. Not only will this allow him the freedom, but will ensure he doesn’t get stuck if Westbrook were to leave. Kevin Durant will become this generations’ Kobe Bryant if he were to stay with one team his entire career. Will he? I don’t know. But he’s got a top-five player to play alongside, a coach that was in his first NBA season, and a city that he completely immersed himself in. Based on the options and what’s available, I don’t see much of... read more

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Brian Geltzeiler’s true passion is the NBA. He grew up in a basketball family. His father, Burt was an elite college basketball player for Newark-Rutgers University in the late 1940’s and was drafted by the Tri-City Hawks (now Atlanta Hawks) in 1950 by their then GM, Red Auerbach.

Brian is a regular host on SiriusXM’s NBA Radio and gets his money’s worth from his NBA League Pass. He lives in Livingston, NJ with his wife and four children.