HoopsCritic Hot 50 – #35 George Mikan

The NBA’s first star, Mr. Basketball dominated during his incredibly brief tenure as a pro-baller. He dominated in a young league that had not yet found its feet. Leading the league in scoring in three straight seasons, while winning five championships in a seven year career is no small thing. Had the MVP award and Finals MVP award been in existence during his prime years there’s no doubt Mikan would’ve accumulated quite a few for the mantle. While he played in a weaker developing league and his efficiency wouldn’t hold up in today’s game, you cannot ignore how dominant he was in his own era. ‘ The Resume: 4x All-Star 6x All-NBA All-Star MVP 5x Champion Hall of Fame   How did the guys rank him? The Flag Bearer: Robert Littal (16). The Barn Burner: Brian Geltzeiler, Jacob Noble, Josh Eberley, and Justin Termine (NR). How did the other guys rank Mikan: Adi Joseph (25), Matt Drappel (25), James Holas (29), Lang Greene (30), Will Reeve (34), Justin Rowan (36), Marc Griffin (37), Justin Salkin (37), and Shane Young (40).     #34 Friday, September 4th.   Don’t like it? Think we got it wrong? Maybe, just maybe we got it right? Let us know using the #HCHot50 hash-tag. Or give the contributors hell, contact info below. Any tweets with #HCHot50 may be featured on the site going forward, tweet us your feedback!   Contributors: Josh Eberley – hoopscritic.com / Host of the @PullUpPodcastHC, @JoshEberley Jacob Noble – hoopscritic.com / Host of the @PullUpPodcastHC, @JacobNoble_HC James Holas – hoopscritic.com / BballBreakdown, @SnottieDrippen Adi Joseph – sportingnews.com, @AdiJoseph Matt Drappel – sportsnet.ca, @MattyD416 Justin Rowan –... read more

Nets Franchise Leaderboard: All-Time And Current Record-Holders

The Franchise Leaderboard series looks at active and franchise leaders in five major statistical categories-points, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals- for all thirty NBA franchises. Running through two teams per week, we look at the marks set by all-time leaders for each franchise, analyze the respective trajectories of current leaders, compare how they stack up, and do a bit of projecting. As in every preceding installment, each edition of the Franchise Leaderboard series comes with an accompanying disclaimer: While a great honor, long-lived and unforgotten in history books, franchise leaderdom goes a step beyond the intrinsic value found in efficiency and per-game performance. The name of the game, here, is volume—not only in terms of accruing a particular statistic as much as possible per outing, but also in terms of the number of outings you manage to appear (and accrue your statistic) in. Because, at the end of the day, whether you manage to score 32 points per game but only play in 50 games, or whether you only manage 20 points per game, but do so while appearing in 80 whole games, you are nonetheless left with 1600 points—no farther or lesser along the path to franchise leaderdom, through one season, than your counterpart. On top of all that, of course, is one more variable: the number of seasons, and hence, further outings, you manage. Use as many or as few as you want, but the franchise leaderboard does not discriminate. The system is simple: play as much, as long, or as well as you can or want. But the only thing that puts you above all others, here,... read more

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