Chalky McChalkchalk- An NBA Playoff Preview

I’m a big fantasy football guy. Two of the leagues I participate in, I’ve been involved with for over 20 years. One league, in particular, I do with my best friends from college. I refer to it as my A league. 8 of the 12 guys have been in from the beginning. One guy who’s been there from the beginning drafts the exact same way each year. He always takes the safe pick. He’s comfortably predictable. He’s the easiest guy on the planet to draft in the spot next to him because you always know where he’s going. He’s taking the chalk. We’ve dubbed him affectionately, Chalky McChalkchalk. As I preview the 2016 NBA playoffs, I feel a little like Chalky McChalkchalk. I see a clear delineation in ability to win in the playoffs from the top four teams in each conference to the bottom four teams in each conference. The format of the 7 game series will normally favor the higher seed for obvious reasons but there’s a reason they play the games. Eastern Conference (1) Cleveland vs (8) Detroit Detroit is going to be a pain in the Cavs rump. Even though the Cavs have generally maintained a slower pace in spite of head coach Tyronn Lue’s even though shooting a high volume of threes. There are two problems with that strategy vs Detroit. The first is that Detroit is quite comfortable playing slow. The second, and maybe most significant is that Detroit defended the three pointer better than any other team in the NBA this past season. The Cavs will be tested early on their willingness... read more

NBA Playoffs: Ten Player Story-lines To Watch

            The 205-2016 season was one for the ages.  The Golden State Warriors won 73 games.  Kobe Bryant scored 60 points in his last game ever.  The San Antonio Spurs nearly went step for step with the Warriors in their pursuit of history.  And LeBron James quietly finished the year as good as ever. With the playoffs upon us, there are storylines abound.  Who will deliver home the NBA championship?  Who may see their team broken apart if they fail to meet that goal?  Who is a must watch on a night in, night out basis? Here are the 10 – well, 14 – players to watch Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan             In some respects, the idea of this iteration of the Toronto Raptors having a history of playoff failures is overblown.  In 2014, the Raptors lost to the Brooklyn Nets, but most predicted that result.  So, in actuality, the “history” of Raptors playoff struggles behind their Kyle Lowry-DeMar DeRozan core is based on the loss of one playoff series – last year’s first round to Washington.  That was an awful loss – but only one loss. Still, what the metrics say is often not what resides in our own psyche, and the Raptors surely will have recent playoff outcomes on their mind as they take on the Indiana Pacers. The Raptors are an extremely good team and all the ingredients to make playoff noise are in place.  Lowry and DeRozan form a great backcourt.  Jonas Valanciunas is a good big.  Terrence Ross and Patrick Patterson fit extremely well.  Cory Joseph has been a great spark off the... read more

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Brian Geltzeiler’s true passion is the NBA. He grew up in a basketball family. His father, Burt was an elite college basketball player for Newark-Rutgers University in the late 1940’s and was drafted by the Tri-City Hawks (now Atlanta Hawks) in 1950 by their then GM, Red Auerbach.

Brian is a regular host on SiriusXM’s NBA Radio and gets his money’s worth from his NBA League Pass. He lives in Livingston, NJ with his wife and four children.